St. Pete Beach

I had such a fun trip to St. Pete with my friend Erin. After long boarding in Downtown St. Pete on Saturday afternoon, I drove down to Tampa to meet up with a friend from college who was moving to Colorado. The next day my friend Erin, her boyfriend, Daniel and I decided to take a trip to St. Pete Beach. I live on the East Cost but I love going to the beaches on the West Coast. I have been to Clearwater Beach but this was my first time visiting St. Pete Beach. The water is always crystal clear, a sea foam blue/green color and super calm. Although I do love the waves on the East Coast, it’s fun to have a change in scenery every once and a while.

st-pete-beach-1When we got to the beach we met up with some of Erin’s friends from college. It was blazing hot outside, so we took a million pictures, played Frisbee and then swam in the ocean until we couldn’t swim anymore. Once everyone had burning feet from playing Frisbee in the sand we swam out to a sandbar. We found the coolest shells that had these living sea creatures in them. They looked like a strange hermit crab/snail. None of us knew what they were but if you flipped them upside down, the animal would crawl out and flip it’s shell back!



Once everyone was done swimming we walked up to Undertow Beach Bar to grab something to drink. I’ve never been a huge fan of bars but this one was really fun and right on the beach. You could walk up to the bar, grab something to drink and then sit down on these giant chairs and enjoy the beach view. I only drank water but there was a guy there selling shaved ice and he made us all samples to taste for free! It was the perfect treat to escape the heat.

st-pete-beach-4 st-pete-beach-3

It really was such a fun trip and we went on so many new adventures! The flat water may not be ideal for surfing but it’s perfect for snorkeling and floating around. I can’t wait to go back and bring my flamingo float and maybe buy a snorkel so I can search for sand dollars! Can I just vacation everyday on the beach? Sounds like a plan to me!

Burgundy LOFT Shorts Are The Bomb!

I love love love shorts and I always will. I said it once and I will say it again, I love shorts! I wear them year round and that’s why these pleated burgundy shorts from LOFT are perfect for our warm fall weather! Earlier I had mentioned how I tend to buy darker colors in the fall and these shorts are one of those pieces.


Short: LOFT


Cardigan: American Eagle

Shoes: Minnetonka Moccasins

Necklace: Vintage

Backpack: Target (similar)

Hat: Target


Seriously, it can be such a struggle to find shorts that are an appropriate length but these fit my body like a glove. I’m pretty sure every pair of shorts I own are either from LOFT or Gap! If I could wear them to work I would!

loft shorts at the pumpkin patch loft shorts at the pumpkin patch pumpkin-patch-2016-17^ Mushy Pumpkin

pumpkin-patch-2016-16 pumpkin-patch-2016-15Checking to see if the pumpkins were good and I accidentally broke the stem off of one. Ooopsies. It was so sad because for every good pumpkin, there were at least 2 that were rotten and falling over. At first we thought it had to do with Hurricane Matthew and rain, but apparently the farm where they get their pumpkin’s from each year had an irrigation problem with flooding. It caused a lot of the pumpkins to go bad. The church I bought a small (unharmed) pumpkin from said they have thrown away over 250+ pumpkins total.

pumpkin-patch-2016-24 pumpkin-patch-2016-23 pumpkin-patch-2016-14-2My little niece, mama and me. I’ve mentioned it before, but this is my little niece who takes my photo for this blog sometimes. She loves doing it! (well hopefully ha!)

loft shorts at the pumpkin patchloft shorts at the pumpkin patchRight now I am in Burnsville, North Carolina with my parents. Every front porch that you pass on the road is decorated with pumpkins and colorful flowers- it’s adorable! We have been joking that we will just buy healthy pumpkins here and bring them home with us to decorate our house and to carve. Pumpkins in Florida just don’t last very long with the heat. Their okay when you buy them, but once their carved they will rot or get eaten alive with flies within a day or two.

Florida Fall Wardrobe Prep

This dress is the start of my “Florida Fall Wardrobe”. Each year around October I try to buy a few pieces that are darker in color than what I normally wear. That means more green, grey, navy, burgundy and can all easily be layered. As much as I love color I don’t like seeing all of the pretty fall colors in stores and never being able to wear them even if it’s only for  2-3 month out of the year. Instead of being sad I can’t wear that super pretty carmel color wool coat or a super chunky knitted scarf, I try to buy lots of lightweight pieces in both light and dark colors that I can easily mix, match and layer.

A few weeks ago I purchased these burgundy solid and printed shorts from LOFT. Their great because I can still wear fall colors when its sweltering hot out with a a tank top and layer a light cardigan at night and then once it cools off more I can pair them with boots and thicker sweaters. Even as born and raised Florida girl, I stop wearing shorts for a good solid two months out of the year. There does get a time when it gets to chilly for me to be bare legged but I’m glad it doesn’t last very long! Beach weather will always be my fav!

Francesca's Olive Green Dress

Dress: Francesca’s (purchased in store, similar)

Vest: DIY – I cut off the sleeves from a jean jacket (similar from Madewell)

Necklace: Disney Cruise to the Bahamas yearrssss ago!

Shoes: Gap (similar from Soludos)

Hat: similar from J.Crew


Not quite sure what I’m doing with my mouth…I must be deep into thought getting my picture taken ha. francescas-fall-dress-3

What I love about this dress is that I totally made it a summer look even though I originally bought the dress with the intention of wearing it with these Ralph Lauren boots. Summer dresses just don’t look the same with tan leather booties. I played on the white tie dye and just added white accessories from there like the beaded necklace and white sandals. I plan on wearing this dress with booties and layering a lot with cropped sweaters and jackets. An easy way to still keep warm but wear a dress is to layer a flannel over the dress, add a utility jacket, booties and top it off with a scarf or hat. Here’s how I wrote it on my Instagram. Your legs might be a bit chilly but if the top half of my body is warm, I’m usually okay.

It’s harder for me to make emerald or burgundy jeggings translate into a summer wardrobe staple. It’s possible but I only prefer to wear those color sduring the months of Oct – March. That time span may even be stretching it. It may be more like Jan-Feb ahhah then they get stored away in my closet until next winter. I’m always so happy when I pull out my pants from the previous winter and they still fit. Doesn’t always work that way for me, especially if I tend to lift heaver during the summer months! Strong legs don’t tend to fit into tight skinnies!


Francesca's Olive Green Dress

The dress is so comfy though and long enough for me to twirl around in! It was on the Francesca’s site a few days ago but I guess everyone else thought it was the perfect dress for fall also because it sold out. If your not into the tie dye or want a solid olive green dress, Francesca’s does have a cute shift dress!

Hurricane Matthew and The North Face Jacket

Last week was a whirlwind and Hurricane Matthew has came and gone. The beginning of the week was going really normal and by Wednesday it turned crazy. Hurricane Matthew was projected to hit my hometown on Thursday night. On Wednesday I was told to finish all my work for the workweek and that we would be off from work the res of the week, Thursday afternoon my parents and I evacuated to Gaylord Palms in Orlando to wait out the storm, and by Friday afternoon I was back home at my house cleaning up the small mess from the hurricane.


Jacket: The North Face (Women’s/Men’s)


Shorts: LOFT

Growing up in Florida I’ve experienced tons of hurricanes but this one seemed different. I’m not sure if it’s because I am older and more aware or because it felt like the news inflicted so much fear. The only time I ever really felt scared was when I would watch the news, so I just didn’t watch it. I would check it every few hours when the news would updated the projected path but other than that, I stayed clear out of the room if my parents had the news channel on or if they weren’t watching TV I would just turn it off. I asked God if I should be alarmed and I didn’t hear anything. The night before the storm was supposed to hit I prayed again asking God to give me a warning dream if I am in danger of my safety, again I heard nothing and woke up with peace. There was my answer, I was not going to let mans fear keep me away from the peace that I felt from God. At this point, I knew that whatever happened, I would be okay and my house would be okay.

On Thursday when I woke up all flights had been cancelled, there were no hotels vacancies in all of Florida, some business inflated their water bottle prices to $30/case,  gas became scarce, dry goods were sucked up at all the local Target and Walmart stores, the causeways to the beach closed in the afternoon, there was no wood to be found at Lowe’s or Home Depot, and people stood in hour long lines for sandbags and sand. In the midst of all the crazyness, I felt complete peace. For the first time in my life, I really truly understood what it meant to live in the presence of God’s peace even though there was complete chaos around me. It was very surreal and actually gave me the desire to be placed in dangerous environments just to feel that peace again.


We drove up to Gaylord Palms Resort and the first thing I noticed was a pillar of 4 pineapples. I had to pull out my camera to snap a picture!

My parents and I left for Orlando just a few hours before the hurricane came. The only reason they decided to leave was because they had never experienced a hurricane in their current house and they were unsure how it would hold up. The cool thing was that they weren’t even worried about their house. No one was certain what would happen with Hurricane Matthew but they had peace in the unknown. If I was going to hold onto a material possession, it would definitely be my clothes, shoes and jewelry. I just really like them, okay! I could have packed as much of my things into my suitcase and stuffed our car full but I didn’t. I felt fine leaving it all behind. My mindset was, “Well if something happens to them, oh well”, but I honestly knew I’d come back to my home still standing.

The drive to Orlando took 30-45 minutes more than usual. When we arrived at Gaylord we had to wait in an hour long line just to valet and then once my dad reached the front of the line, he was the last car they parked before they shut down for the storm! It was kind of a mad house because all the employees called out. They were charging $25 for a simple buffet dinner but other than the super expensive food, we had tons of fun!


Playing on the Coquina lawn! I think at this point people were a little leery to go outside but it didn’t stop us!




I’ve been going to Gaylord Palms since I was a little girl. I have cheered in their Convention Centers for my Cheer Competitions and my parents used to take us to the ICE Show when my sister and I were tiny. They have tons of activities, especially around Christmas time, the best buffet ever and and a giant atrium to walk around that will keep you entertained for hours. If you ever get a chance, it’s worth checking out!

6 Things to do at Gaylord Palms:

  1. Explore the Everglades Walkway. When you walk into the hotel it looks like a giant rain forest. There’s running waterfalls, pathways under caves, a Koi pond and you can even watch live alligator feedings.
  2. ICE! This alone is worth making a trip to Orlando just to see. You are given parkas to wear in 9 degree weather and it feels like your walking in a giant freezer. They have 2 million pounds of hand carved ice sculptures, 4 slides you can slide down, tubing and a carving station! I’ve gone multiple times and each time I have just as much fun. I think I have finally outgrown it but it’s perfect for adults and kids or those who haven’t experienced it yet.
  3. Villa de Flora Restaurant. It’s seriously so expensive (normally $30/lunch and $40/dinner. During Thanksgiving/Christmas it jumps up to $75/person) but omg, its so delicious. It’s an all you can eat buffet. They have salads, pasta, bread, meat, fruits, veggies, tons of fancy looking desserts and an ice cream bar! My mouth waters just thinking about it. I used to eat here all the time after my cheerleading competitions were done because I’d always be to nervous to eat before I competed.
  4. Eat in Key West. They have a giant sailboat that you can eat on with a waterview filled with tons of different fish like Tarpon.
  5. Play in the Castillo De San Marcos. There’s two levels and you feel like your walking around in a giant castle. I have the best memories as a kid running around in here with my sister and little nieces.
  6. Cypress Springs Family Fun Waterpark. I have not been to the waterpark yet but it looked awesome for young kids. Unfortunately it was closed during the storm but they were in the middle of adding bigger slides for adults and a wave machine which looked really fun for teens/adults.

Longboarding in Downtown St. Pete

During the month of August I traveled around Florida almost every weekend to visit friends. During one of my trips I went to St. Petersburg with my friend Erin to visit her boyfriend Daniel. He lives in the cutest apartment in Downtown St. Pete just 5 blocks from the water. I love the Tampa/St.Pete/Clearwater area, it has the best mix of beach, downtown and city vibes with a million activities to choose from. We arrived around 4:30 PM on Saturday and couldn’t wait to get down by the water. Before I had left, my friend Erin text me reminding me to bring my longboard because there was a super fun sidewalk along the water where people skate, rollerblade and run! There was nothing to worry about because I always keep my board in my car just in case. You wouldn’t believe how many times I’ve been so bummed because I didn’t have my longboard with me and missed out on super cool parks and places to skate around. Erin and Daniel both had rollerblades and I had my longboard to skate with. Once Erin and I arrived, we threw our bags down in the apartment, put on our swimsuits and headed straight to St. Pete Downtown Waterfront to skate around!

St Pete Longboarding

Twinning in our visors from Nike!

St Pete Longboarding-2 St Pete Longboarding-3 St Pete Longboarding-4 St Pete Longboarding-5

It had rained before we arrived, so we had to go off roading a few times to keep my board from getting wet. During our first off road adventure, Erin found a $20 bill in the bushes. We were so excited because we had seen an ice cream truck a few minutes earlier but didn’t have any cash with us. You can bet what we did next. We chased down the sketchy ice cream truck like little kids on Christmas morning!

St Pete Longboarding-6 St Pete Longboarding-7

There’s Erin chasing down the ice cream man! He even told us he has a YouTube video that he’s famous in.

St Pete Longboarding-8

Picking out ice cream!

St Pete Longboarding-9 St Pete Longboarding-10

Daniel and Erin. Aren’t they cute!? It was really hot out, so we all thoroughly enjoyed our ice cream.

St Pete Beach-10

My Outfit: AE, Shorts: Gap, Shoes: Vans, Visor’s: Nike, and Swimsuit: Cupshe

I got the best Sonic the Hedgehog Ice Cream Bar that was blueberry flavor and delicious! The gumballs that made up the eyes were kind of gross though!

St Pete Longboarding-11 St Pete Longboarding-12

Gosh I can’t even explain how much I love the sidewalk right by the water! I wish we had one on the East Coast close to my town!

St Pete Longboarding-13 St Pete Longboarding-14 St Pete Longboarding-15

Being silly and taking a break. See that bridge in the back? Erin had a mishap and was going down it full speed and couldn’t stop fast enough before almost crashing into me while I was on my board. Luckily she hit those weird concrete pavers were standing on and it slowed her down so she didn’t fly into oncoming traffic.

St Pete Longboarding-16

St Pete Longboarding-18 St Pete Longboarding-17

My Swimsuit is from Cupshe and on sale! My Longboard is a Globe and I bought it on Cyber Monday two years ago for a super great price! Our visors are Nike brand! We are purposely twinning and both love visors because they keep the sun out of your eyes while still lightening our hair! I had bought my visor from Bealls first and then Erin saw mine and liked it so much, she went and bought her own. I really like the Women’s tennis visors because they aren’t adjustable and there’s no Velcro for your hair to get tangled in.

After our skate session, we stopped at Spa Beach Park to swim in the river! It felt amazing! As we were skating back to Daniel’s appt we saw his parents eating dinner in downtown St. Pete and stopped to talk. It definitely caught us all by surprise but it was fun to meet his family! Their exact words before they knew it was their son and his girlfriend, plus her friend skating down the sidewalk were, “Those people look like their having so much fun!”. It’s true, we had a blast and I can’t wait to go back to visit again!

When Life Comes At You Like a Wrecking Ball

I couldn’t have thought of a better title for this post than Miley Cyrus’s famous song, Wrecking Ball. The past few months have been some of the toughest of my life. It feels as though I’ve got hit from every direction.  My family also got hit hard. Friends didn’t escape the crash either. Life came in like a wrecking ball.


The past few months have been extremely hard, full of loss, pain and heartache, but there has also been good. How is that even possible? I have to ask myself, is it really possible to suffer and also have true joy? In July my sister traveled to Cambodia for a 2 week mission trip. The day she left I broke up with my boyfriend. Those two weeks were…. well there just aren’t words to describe it besides excruciatingly hard.  10 days after my sister arrived back from her mission trip, she took a job in Montana for 2 years and moved from Florida to Montana in less than two weeks. This was all completely unexpected.

My sister is an automatic built in friend who I love to have fun with, a person I trust, and because we both lived at home, we were able to spend a lot of time together. A trip to Target? My sister was always willing to go. Needed food? We were both almost always hungry at the same time. A person to share a funny story with? I would just walk 5 feet down the hallway from my room. Within 2 weeks, I felt like I lost two of the people I care about most. It was a really hard transition for me personally.

In the midst of all that, my parents who are foster parents got a call from their case worker saying they are going to send their foster baby, Ella, back to her birth mom in the middle of August. This to was completely unexpected. On August 12, my parents had to give back the baby girl they raised for almost 3 years, just 3 days before her third Birthday. It has to have been one of the saddest thing’s I’ve ever had to witness as tears stream down my mom and dads faces as they said goodbye to the girl they treated as their own daughter. I posted a sweet picture of her to my Instagram feed. She’s smart, cleaver and has such a bright future. Just days after my parents were notified Ella would be going back to her biological parents, my dad received a phone call that his mom passed away. He left to fly up to Indiana for her memorial service the day after my parents said goodbye to their foster baby Ella.

Towards the end of the month, 3 ladies at the church I work at passed away. One of the ladies was someone I saw every week and made everyone in her path joyous with her laughter. It’s so hard to comprehend how one second someone can be there and the next they aren’t. Life happens so fast. One suffered from cancer and was way to young to leave this earth and the other had a stroke and was in a coma for months before she passed. My best friend also lost her sweet little nephew around the same time.

I don’t write this for pity. I write this because it’s real and very raw emotions arise when the storms of life come at you. When you feel as if everything you know is completely shaken, the loss and grief is unbearable, and your anxiety and fear is at an all time high because everything feels like it’s spinning out of control, what do you do? What do you do with all of this pain and heartache? How could all of this happen in just two months? How do you sympathize with others when you have pain of your own? Should I feel guilty because my pain may not be as “worse” as someone else? I keep asking myself these questions. And all I keep hearing is…Put your hope and faith in me alone.

And you know what I want to scream back at God in pain? I FEEL ABANDONED, WEAK, TIRED, ALONE, SHAKEN, AFRAID, MAD, UPSET, SAD, LONELY, HOW DARE YOU MAKE US LIVE ON A FALLEN EARTH, EVERYTHING I CARED ABOUT YOU TOOK AWAY, YOU ARE NOT ENOUGH AND I WILL NEVER BE HAPPY AGAIN, YOUR SO MEAN, I HATE YOU, HOW CAN MY GOD LET ALL OF THIS HAPPEN. Holding onto trust in moments like this feels like I’m holding up NYC by one strand of human hair. I’m just being real. Trust does not come easy for me when my world feels out of control. They are real feelings but it doesn’t mean they are true.

I was bought to a completely desperate place. In that desperation, I wanted to kick and scream and turn my back on the one who fully loves me because I’m human who has fear and gets upset. But in that desperate place, you have a choice, to run from God or to run to Him. Sometimes I get upset and tell him I don’t want him because I want humans and not an invisible God. Why do I long for anything other than the one who loves me most. I want to drown my heartache in FB, Instagram, TV, friends, shopping, work, creating, projects, books, really anything other than God. In those desperate moments, I cry out to him and realize He is really all I need.

When your foundations are shaken and it feels as though your left with nothing, God takes those broken places to show you that He is unshakable. I don’t believe he caused my pain, but I do believe that when I am in those desperate places, I learn to put my hope in Him alone. It’s not easy. It’s a daily battle. It’s declaring truth to myself constantly, that my dad is a good father, he has good plans for me and he will never abandoned me, not matter how I feel. I want to trust with abandoned and not be moved by my circumstances because I know the unshakeable God.

It’s been a hard two months but there has also been so much good that has happened. Sweet babies have been born, my mom and I got to go away for one weekend to a hotel in Vero Beach, I’ve been able to travel to Gainesville and St. Pete with friends, swim on the beach, wake up excited because I am alive and still have a purpose, made $100 from selling my DSLR camera on Ebay, celebrated Ella’s 3rd Birthday, watch my sister pursue her dreams and travel across the world, laughing with friends, prayed for friends to get new jobs and then congratulated them on their new jobs, celebrated my nieces nephew, sister and parents are alive and healthy, watched my friend graduate from the University of Florida, kids starting school, bought new clothes (lol), grew stronger in my faith and identity as a daughter, made enough money doggie sitting to pay my first car payment, bought a flamingo pool float, took a bike ride with my sister before she left, have been able to spend more time with my parents, random checks came in the mail, booked a trip to North Carolina for a week, ran a 5K, went to a wedding, started blogging way more and even paid someone to help re-design my blog!

I encourage you, in your pain, bring it to Jesus. Look for the good around you. Be thankful. Walk outside and look at the beauty in the sky or at the beach. So much healing comes to my heart the moment I step onto sand and hear the ocean waves crashing. Heart Made Whole is a really good read by Christa Black Gifford if you have heart pain and want help in how to handle that pain in a healthy way. I have re-read it over and over and each time the words sink in a little deeper and bright light in

P.S. I wrote the above blog post in my deepest pain. I was angry and upset at God and I blamed him for all of the bad happening. I wavered in my faith and it opened the door to a lot of fear and anxiety. It’s kind of embarrassing to re-read the post and to see my true thoughts when I’m angry and upset. I want to run and hide in fear because being vulnerable with your raw thoughts and emotions is scary. Instead, as I learn to embrace my fears, I run full stem ahead, pushing through, letting you guys know I am human and I doubted God. Writing for me brings healing and if that’s what it takes I will write write write until my heart is content.

 It’s been a month and a half since I wrote this blog post. And you know what? I survived! I can say my outlook is better. God is transforming some of wrong views I had about His character and nature. He’s teaching me that great faith does not waver. Boy this is hard when your mind has gone back and forth doubting the goodness of God for so long. I’ve forgiven God and others. I’m grateful for God showing me that even when I feel sooooo weak, I am strong in Him. He’s showing me I am powerful in Christ, and I can live above my emotions and fears. I want to say I came out stronger, which I did, but even through all of this, I still need the one who holds me up. I will never stop clinging to Him. Reading this post makes me so thankful for all of the good that has come. It far outweighs everything else but nothing surpasses the fact that He is my lighthouse and I can run to him with every need. When life comes in like a wrecking ball, God will throw it back to destroy the works of the devil. He will bring healing to your hearts.

J.Crew Safari Top

It’s been mighty warm out lately. I wore this to meet up with a friend at Anaya, a local coffee shop. He is helping me with my blog re-resign and it should be done in a couple of weeks! I’m really excited to see the final product and show you guys. I’ve been wanting a new website design for the longest time but have been afraid to put money into it until now. It can be scary to pay someone online who you don’t know and can’t meet up with in person. A good friend recently had her website designed by a local company and she referred me to them! I finally took a leap of faith, stepped out of my comfort zone and hired a guy named Alberto to help me re-design my website! He’s pretty awesome and has been super fun to work with! I also found a designer on Etsy and have been working with her to design a new logo for the blog and to get business cards made! I have big plans for this blog and I can’t wait to finally have a well designed page that I’m proud of and represents my personality.


Top: J.Crew

Shorts: Gap (similar)

Shoes: Gap (similar)

Sunglasses: American Eaglejcrew-safari-top-7 jcrew-safari-top-15jcrew-safari-top-12jcrew-safari-top-10jcrew-safari-top-11jcrew-safari-top-9jcrew-safari-top-4 jcrew-safari-top-8

jcrew-safari-top-1-2 jcrew-safari-top-5Can I just say how much I loooooove wearing shorts. Their my favorite thing ever. I hope I always live in warm climates because I hate wearing jeans. The Safari J.Crew top runs a bit small. I ordered a 4 and normally I can fit into a 0/2 at their store which is super rare for me. The sleeves are really fun and playful and make you look more dressed up than you are. I plan on dressing this top up by tucking it into a skirt or wearing it over a comfy pair of chambray or jean shorts.

Safari at McKee Botanical Garden

If you’ve never been to McKee Botanical Garden in Vero Beach, Florida, you must go! It’s so beautiful! There’s 18 acres of waterfalls, bridges, tons of plants, flowers and lily pads! The first time I went I even saw a baby alligator and he scared me so bad I jumped. I though it was a fake one to scare off other animals (you know like the fake ducks anchored in a lake) but he was sooooo real. We later found out from the garden workers that he was an uninvited visitor and they had to call in local animal services to come and pick him up.

McKee Botanical Garden Vero Beach, FL - Katies KroniclesDress: J.Crew

Shoes: Old Navy

Purse: Target (similar)

Hat: similar

McKee Botanical Garden Vero Beach - Katies KroniclesSuch a local tourist. Is that even a thing?

McKee Botanical Garden Vero Beach - Katies Kronicles

McKee Botanical Garden Vero-9McKee Botanical Garden Vero Beach - Katies Kronicles McKee Botanical Garden Vero-19McKee Botanical Garden Vero-24

This was my second time visiting the garden and I wanted to bring my My Mamma to show her around!

McKee Botanical Garden Vero-22

See the water on my shoes? Those are rain drops. Out of nowhere it got so hot and humid and started to pour. My mom and I ran and hid under a covering. Typical Florida day. 5 minutes later it was sunny but the humidity didn’t leave. It got so warm after the rain my mom and I couldn’t stop sweating. I don’t think we lasted an hour before we had to leave. The back of my dress was soaked! I would highly recommend going in the Spring time when all of the flowers are blooming and your not a sweaty cranky mess.

McKee Botanical Garden Vero Beach - Katies Kronicles

Seriously the cutest baby pineapple ever!

McKee Botanical Garden Vero-21McKee Botanical Garden Vero-23

After it stopped raining my mom walked around with my little niece on FaceTime showing her around the garden. They talked practically the whole time we walked. Here’s me showing her some of the garden. Yep, looks like I’m taking a big ole selfie.

McKee Botanical Garden Vero Beach - Katies KroniclesMcKee Botanical Garden Vero-5 McKee Botanical Garden Vero Beach - Katies Kronicles

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How God Provided for My First Car Payment

I’ll give you a little hint. It has to do with doggie sitting a sweet Golden named Gracie. In June I had to depart with my beloved Jeep Grand Cherokee and buy my first big girl car. I’ve never had a car payment before so I was completely worried and panicked. My first two cars my parents helped me out but this new car was all on my own. Last year the air conditoning in my Jeep stopped working and it was the saddest day ever. I was able to keep it alive for a few months by re-filling it with Freon but it would only work sporadically. After having it refilled a few times the auto mechanics discovered a leak in my air conditioning that would cost me thousands to fix.

I drove around for months with my Jeep’s air not working and was really trying to prolong buying a new car. I did not want to part ways with my beloved Jeep. By the time the Florida summer heat hit full swing in May I couldn’t wait any longer, I needed a new car ASAP because it was only going to get worse. Driving to work dressed nice and arriving at work dripping in sweat is the worst feeling ever. When you drive home from the gym at 7:30 PM and it’s still 91 out, you really wish you had air then.

New Car 2016My and my new car!

In May I caved and started to hunt for new cars. I went to a few dealerships around town to test drive some SUV’s and looked for sales on Memorial Day weekend. My dream car would have been a Jeep Wranger Unlimited Sport where I could take the top off and cruise to the beach during the summer. Since Jeep’s were not in my budget range, I knew I had to look for other car models. At the beginning of June I found a Mercury Mountaineer at the same dealership my parents bought my sisters first car. The car was in my budget, I could trade my old Jeep in and put that money towards my new car, it was spacious, drove similar to my Jeep, had 7 seats and most importantly it had air! I was sold and within a few hours I had purchased a new car.

During the actual process of buying the new car, there were so many extra fees I hadn’t previous planned for. My old car ended up not being worth as much as we originally thought, so that meant I had less money to put towards my new car. They also said I needed new car registration (costs an arm and a leg) but because my bank wouldn’t give me a loan, I had to have my dad co-sign. Apparently working at the same job for 3 years didn’t work in my favor, so I no longer needed new car registration.

The thought of throwing down more money in one day than I originally planned and thinking of having a car payment each month made me feel sick to my stomach. I started tearing up in the car dealership. Overall I was just feeling super bad about myself wishing I made more money. Buying a car that costs more than you make in a year and almost having to drain your savings account will do that to you. The fact that I needed a parent to co-sign was extremely frustrating and I was felt like I was failing as an adult. I needed a car with air so there was so backing out, I frantically prayed God would provide. The good thing was that I didn’t have to pay my first car payment for two months, meaning I had until August.


Top: Francesca’s, Short: LOFT, Shoes: Gap, Doggie: Gracie

A few weeks before I bought my new car, I was asked to doggie sat for a sweet family traveling to Ireland while they were away and said yes! By the time it came to doggie sit, I had my new car and was driving it all around town. It was great to have air-conditioning again but I was still concerned about making my first car payment. I totally forgot about this, but the money I made in June while doggie sitting was all used towards my new car title and tags. God has been working the whole time! He knew I wanted a new car and he knew I was worried about paying for it.

During my stay there I was really wanting to doggie sit for more people because it’s so fun and an easy way to make money on the side. One day while I was driving with a friend, I prayed out loud, “God, please give me a doggie house on Beachside or Riverside!”. I was really specific and prayed half serious, half jokingly. I love the water, so I thought it would be super fun to stay at a house with a water view and I didn’t care if it was on the beach or on the river, I just wanted to be close to water.

At the end of June, I was refereed by my previous dog sitting house to their friends who needed a doggie sitter for the month of July. I was immediately contacted by the new dog family and they asked if I could watch their sweet dog Gracie for 10 days. Get this, their house is on Riverside! It’s not exactly on the water but it was pretty darn close. By July, my silly prayer was answered. I accepted their offer and stayed at their house and had the best time ever! But that’s not the best part!

Before I officially started doggie sitting at the house on Riverside, I had met up with the dog’s family to get the house key and discussed how much I would get paid for each day. We decided on $20/day, so I expected to make $200 in 10 days. When I showed up at the dog house for my first day, the family paid me in advance and left me a check on the counter. When I opened the check, it was for $240 and was $40 more than I originally expected. It may not seem like a big deal but I was blown away. I had been worried about paying my first car payment in August which was going to be $232. The check amount I was given was exactly enough to pay my first car payment and that family had no idea! I even had $8 left over. I was over the moon excited. Not only did my prayer for a Riverside house get answered, God provided for my first car payment!

Here’s pictures of the sweet dog I watched and the neighborhood I stayed in. It was less than 5 mins from the beach!



Pretty House in their Riverside neighborhood. The people were seriously so friendly and everyone knew Gracie! I had random people coming up to me every day talking to her like she was an old friend. One of their kind neighbors even offered me his number in case anything happened and I needed to contact someone in case of emergency. Their front gate guards were beyond friendly and always so nice to let me in even when I kept forgetting how to pronounce the last name of the residents house I was staying at.  DogHouseFlamingoFloat-9

Bike ride with my sister around the neighborhood the day before she moved to Montana for a year and a half.

Pineapple Mailbox

DogHouseFlamingoFloat-6 DogHouseFlamingoFloat-5 DogHouseFlamingoFloat-4 DogHouseFlamingoFloat-3 DogHouseFlamingoFloat-2

Staying in the house was seriously so fun! Their house was less than 5 minutes to one of my favorite beaches. I surely took advantage of using their bikes to ride to the beach multiple times! I’m one to make anything fun, so of course I rode down the street on a bike with a giant flamingo pool float around my body. That was quite an adventure and I dragged my friend Julie along for the ride. We had a blast and it was the perfect ending to my stay at the best dog house ever!

P.S. Remember how I prayed for houses to doggie sit at on Beachside or Riverside? Well, I was contacted by one of my friends whom I regularly dog sit for and they now live on Beachside. I will be doggie sitting their golden retriever, Chloe, during Thanksgiving Week. My whole prayer was answered and I will have doggie sat on both Beachside and Riverside!!!! Ahhhhh, God provided so perfectly. I have a feeling God set this all up before I even bought my car!

Dinner on the Beach

On the first night in Vero Beach my mom and I ate at Mulligan’s Beach House Bar & Grill, a local restaurant with an ocean view. It was so close we could walk there from our hotel which is a huge plus in our book. I love being able to walk around after eating dinner, especially if its on the beach. The second night my friends Isaac and Alyssa (remember the one who’s Bridal Shower I planned) came to visit us and cheer up my mamma. We loved Mulligan’s so much we took them back the second night. After dinner we walked the beach and had ice cream from a food truck!

Mulligans Vero Beach-1

LOFT Tank Top

Gap Shorts (old)

31 Bits Necklace

Gap Shoes

Kohl’s Hat (similar from Aerie)

Mulligan's Beach House-8

Mulligan's Beach House-4

I promise we were not laughing at the “Mr. in the blue swim trunks” crashing our picture.

Mulligan's Beach House-6Mulligan's Beach House-5Mulligan's Beach House-1

Mulligans Vero Beach-2

If your ever in the area you need to visit Humiston Beach Park. It’s a public park right on the beach! If I had kids I would make the hour trip just to bring them to this park. The swings are under a covering (a must in the Florida heat and very surprising I haven’t seen this at more playgrounds) and they have super cool swings big enough for adults. Other yummy places to eat at within walking distance of our the Vero Beach Hotel and Spa are Ocean Grill, Citrus Grillhouse and The Red Onion Eatery.

Thanks for the photos Isaac Dean Photography!